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Gamers are consistently finding the best equipment out there to help them enjoy gaming. Different equipment gives different experience. A mouse that fits their playing style and is comfortable to use is pivotal in this age of pro gaming. Gamers can use the regular mouse to play games, but they will not have the same experience as to when they are using a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse is unique that it has features that separate it from a regular mouse.

For example, a gaming mouse has improved software to customize tweaking and able to support both high DPI and CPI. A regular mouse is known for high latency compared to a gaming mouse. Most gaming mouse also has special sensors, which help to keep up with fast movements as compared to regular mouse. These features illustrate the difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse.

Here are seven factors to consider before buying a gaming mouse:

1. PLAY STYLES Choosing a gaming mouse depends alot on the type of game you will be playing. Different game requires different specifications and requirements. Consequently, the game that you intend to play will determine the features that you consider the most important for your gaming mouse. For example, RTS and MMO games like Dota 2, League of Legends and World of Warcraft gamers will require additional buttons that can be programmed with alternate functions and macros compared to FPS games which focuses on accuracy and quick tracking.

2. TYPE OF SENSOR There are optical and laser sensors. These days most gaming mouse uses optical sensors as it is a more reactive sensor and does not tend to exhibit lag as compared to a laser sensor. Now as we have got that out of the way, then it depends on the model of the sensor. Typically a PAW3325 sensor is good enough for any game in this age. Anything higher spec than a 3325 is usually overkill. To bluntly put it, imagine owning a Ferrari, you can reach speeds at up to 300km/hour but would you ever go there?

3. WIRED OR WIRELESS During these times, the technology of wireless mice has come a long way and it has improved significantly as compared to years ago. The issue these days is not that there is lag, unresponsiveness but usually is due to price. The price of a good quality wireless mouse is usually at least double a wired mouse. Wireless gaming mice are considered to be more expensive compared to the wired. This depends on your preference as there is no significant drawback or disadvantages from using either.

4. DOTS PER INCH AND COUNTS PER INCH DPI refers to the rate of pixels your screen cursor will move per inch of movements of the mouse. The size of your screen will determine the appropriate DPI. If you have a larger screen, you need a higher DPI mouse because it results in a more significant mouse movement on the screen per inch of the progress of the mouse. On the other hand, CPI is the physical resolution of the camera that is used in the mice sensors. It represents the sampling per inch. Both the CPI and DPI can determine your mouse sensitivity. Most gaming mouse comes with softwares where DPI can be adjusted.

5. WEIGHTS The weight of a gaming mouse is vital because it determines your ability to enjoy your gaming style. If you are a gamer who flicks your mouse around, the weight of the mouse will matter. Some gaming mice have adjustable weights that can be added or removed depending on the user’s preferences. Generally a lighter mouse is better as it helps in terms of stamina and quicker movement.

6. GRIP STYLE Most gamers use fingertip, claw, or palm grip styles to enhance their gaming experience. The type of mouse grip style is essential because it determines the weight and shape of the mouse that you will find to be the most comfortable.

Besides that certain mice are also ambidextrous which can be used with your left hand as well.

7. LIGHTING AND CUSTOMIZATION It is essential to buy a mouse that you can easily customize according to your preference. Therefore, when shopping for a gaming mouse, consider whether the lighting for the mouse is disruptive or not. Moreover, consider the ability to customize the buttons and software to fit your preferred choice.

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