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A 2Extreme STORY

Our story begins with a boy who started gaming at the young age of 4 years old on the 16-Bit Sega Megadrive console he won from a coloring competition that kickstarted his gaming hobby. He moved on to PC gaming as it had better games, more players, and more competition.


In 2020, he realized a huge problem with the hobby he loved after he spent 17 hours a day for 4 months on his PC during the lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. He realized that gaming accessories were expensive such as the gaming mouse he used, would often break down, and there were too many different types out in the market to choose from. His palms would also often be sweaty due to the intense gaming sessions he would have together with his friends, especially in their favorite FPS games. Another issue he had was games often pit average players against professionals which is unfair for the average player as they might not have had enough training or as good of equipment compared to the pros. After more than three decades of gaming, he thought that something should be done to bridge this gap and allow average players to stand a chance against the pros. An expensive, flimsy, sweat-inducing gaming mouse, he surmised, wouldn't cut it as it had an impact on his performance. This is why he went out to seek the most suitable mouse for him.


Most gaming mouse he found were way overpriced and did not fulfill his needs entirely. The market was being dominated by huge corporations which charge consumers huge markups for products that were not the best quality as they would save their “upgrades” so that it can be released as a new product year after year. Corporates were mainly "profit first and gamer second." He believed that gamers should be put first and if he as a gamer of 3 decades would have problems, many others would have too.


He then decided to set out and fix these problems. He supposed that he could make better gaming products at reasonable prices, solving multiple problems at once. To jumpstart this project, he hopped onto Discord and began sharing his thoughts with his gamer friends. A group of them with a combined gaming experience of over 150 years got together and thus 2Extreme was born. Numerous trials and comparisons with other products were made. Different product molds from 3D printing were also created day and night to find the best combination to solve the many problems gamers have. Tons of electronic prototypes were built and dismantled over and over again as they would only accept a product that all of them would approve of. Hours turned into days, weeks turned into months until the very first mouse was launched in the United States. Since then 2Extreme has dedicated itself to challenging the status quo and providing pro-grade gaming gear for all gamers at fair prices.


We believe that buying gaming gear should be simple with a focus on function, aesthetics, and form. We dedicate our lives to creating a perfect product so that our users will be confident in every product we make. Our philosophy of putting gamers first allows us to listen to the community and continue to improve without the need to offer a large number of variations.


2Extreme is a Gamer first company as we put the needs of gamers ahead of everything else. We listen to the community as every review and feedback is read by everyone in the company. Quality products that solve multiple problems are the backbone of the company. We pass the savings on to the consumers as we spend minimally on advertising and reduce the number of middlemen to keep costs low. To date, we’ve not needed to seek investments and loans which we are very thankful for as it shows that we have the support of gamers around the world. We invite all who reads this to let us know what

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Image by Mateo Vrbnjak

Be Great, Be 2Extreme

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